You don’t like your city anymore; you are thinking that a change of atmosphere will do you good. So, you look at the map and think “Why not move to Florida”? It has beaches, it has Disney and it has all that is best. What are you doing standing there even though you haven’t started packing? Well, the truth is not so. Like every city and state, Florida has its advantages and disadvantages. And it is important to weigh them to see if it is worth moving.

One of the main disadvantages of moving to Florida is the move itself. You live a long way from Florida, for example. This makes the prices for your move very expensive, so it is important to think about whether you have the financial means to move there. Still about the move, it is necessary to choose a good moving company, because if you have fragile objects, they can break along the way.

Not all people adapt and this is normal. It is not just because Florida has this or that it is necessarily better than other places. So, it’s okay for you not to adapt and want to return to your city or even choose a new destination.

In addition, the climate greatly influences your choice. If you are used to the blizzards and white landscapes of Nebraska, you will be very surprised by the cloudless sky and the daily heat.

And how can we not talk about crime? Florida may not be among the most violent states, but it is also not among the most peaceful. There are a relative number of crimes of theft, sexual harassment and home invasion. In other words, you will not find a paradise when you move there no matter how much they sell that idea to you.

So, these are some of the disadvantages you should consider when choosing Florida as your next home.